Don't pile more code on top of bugged code.

Author: George Hayes
One of the worst things I see people and other game developers do is keep trying to add features to a program that has bugs in it to already. It is absolutely moronic to do. Doing this creates a number of issues. So you have bugged code and you add another feature on which is more code. Now if that code you just added also has a bug it can be mistaken for the initial bug. The more you do this the less aware you are going to be of what is causing the problems. You end up having to debug additional code because of this action. Not just that fixing one bug may actually cause the secondary code to break because you made a change to it to get it working before you fixed the original code. In short fix any bugs before you add anything. Don't put it off. It will pay off down the road because trouble shooting times over all will be reduced.