Why doesn't Rockstar fix the issue with hackers.

Author: George Hayes
Anyone who has played GTA online knows there is an issue with hackers especially for the PC. This article will look at why there are so many hackers, how they can be prevented, and why hasn't rockstar fixed this issue or why does it exist at all.

The reason there are so many hackers boils down to rockstar didn't ensure creator commands would be recognized by the server only if the client was in the creator mode along with other issues. Well discuss two types of hacks that are going on and how they are done and can be prevented.
Rockstar provide a means people in the community could add content to the game. The problem is they didn't ensure that these commands could only be used in the creator mode. Maybe they wanted their system admins to be able to use them. If that was the case they could have provided exceptions based on Admin identification such as the ipaddress and an admin session.

They already track where a player is or what mode they are in. So why didn't they add it to the if statement or case for recognizing these commands? Well look at that later.

A secondary abuse being reported is people being taken over teleport and so on such as in the insurance scam. This can only happen if the server isn't creating a unique ID for players and attaching it to the player ip. This is something done on every webserver today. The most moronic of system administrators gets this. So why hasn't rockstar?

In short we have to very basic system administration issues that should never ever have made it past alpha before being fixed. So why are they still in the game? Why is rockstar dealing with all the banning garbage rather than simply preventing the issue to start with?

When you think of that last part and you know how easy this is to fix it looks pretty intentional. So is there a reason rockstar might be doing this with intent? Well that depends. Do most people who are banned simply buy another copy/license and create a new account? Do people who loose money from sharkcards and such just accept it and buy more cards? If both of these are in a high enough yes degree that it is profitable for them then it may very well be intentional.

So why is this on my site well I hope some of you who are learning to program games have integrity and can learn from this as what not to do on a server and that it can be prevented. It also serves to let others know this is an issue that is easily fixable but rockstar isn't doing it for some reason they choose to ban people and so on instead.

Honestly, surprised a software attorney hasn't gotten involved and looked at a class action suit. We have consumer protection laws against intentionally creating a broken product with no intent to fix it. I'd say that pretty much describes what is going on here. Rockstars programmers aren't morons and by the level of skill they showed building this product they more than possess the knowledge to have fixed this issue. So that in itself is a statement.