First, off I am not the creator of GLEW and this is not the official page of it. The primary GLEW page is

I originally did not want to put this up. I had produced a video teaching people how to compile glew for themselves. The point was so they wouldn't have to rely on others to get the latest version. I recommend each individual learn to compile the code themselves rather than wait for someone like me to hand it to them. The directions are contained in the following video and text tutorial.

You can download my compiled versions here now. They have been compiled for mingw.

The .dll and .dll.a files are in the lib directory.
The .o files are in the src directory.

There are two issue that people usually have when it comes to compiling GLEW. The first is the failure to follow directions and or skip over stuff thinking they done that part already. The second part is having something like cygwin on thier system and in the command line which interfers with mingw.


The batch file was provided by Moritz Burkhardt at