About GRHMedia

GRHMedia is owned and operated by George Hayes. I created the site to share interests of mine over the years. Fairly recently I decided to make programming the primary focus. If you find an issue on the site or one of the video please email me.
hayes.gr gmail.com
From time to time there can be an issue where something doesn't compile as expected. At the time of me writing this SDL2.0.3 has a bug in the SDL_Platform.h file. There is a work around to get SDL programs to compile. It could be misinterpreted as the tutorial not being correct though if you don't know what is going on. Which is why I encourage people to ask questions and ask for help. You are learning and can't be expect to know every issue going on. However this brings up another point. Check bug reports get used to doing so.

I started programming when I was 15. The first language I learned was basic on an old Atari 800xl. I then took CS in high school and later some in college. I first learned ASM though while in the Naval Nuclear Power Program during my ET 'A' School I started using linux in 1992/3. Slackware. Since that time the majority of what I learned was on my own. I've programmed a lot of different stuff over the years. I've programmed on PLCs, PCs and embedded systems. I tend to like to learn how stuff works. I have found the best way for me to learn is to actually try it. Which is why I own books like how to write your own 32 bit OS and many others.