Welcome to GRHMedia


I recently update the site. The appearance and backend have both been changed. I chose this time because the old method of requests with SQL is being depricated and I could make use of the PHP PDO. The changes should make adding features easier as well.

SDL 2.0.3 has a bug that prevents compiling SDL projects. The bug is in the SDL_platform.h file An easy work around is to grab that file out of the SDL 2.0.2 files and put it in the SDL2.0.3

Tutorials on here are tested with the latest version of codeblocks and SDL2. Don't be alarmed by the video showing an older version of the compiler. I update here routinely. It just isn't prudent to change the videos every time a new version comes out unless something changes that requires a change in the tutorials. It would also require notifying others to change their links to the new videos such as those here. wiki.libsdl.org/Tutorials under Setup.

I'm finally getting over what got me sick and the construction out front has ended. I should be able to get back to doing video tutorials. I'll also be starting to do more text based tutorials.